Title: Sport entertainer organizer
Department: All-round Entertainment
Main Function: To perform individually and as part of the Entertainment team to socialize with and entertain guests throughout the campsite or the touristic village.
Reports to: Team Leader, Entertainment Team, Management Staff

Fundamentals of Position:
To develop and bring to life entertainment and entertainment program.
To socialize at all times without any specific program.
To make proposal for new sport activities.
To organize and supervise different sport tournaments and courses as required.
Ability to be a referee during sport tournament match.
To work in collaboration with the Entertainment team under the supervision of the Team Leader

Requirements & History:
Minimum age is eighteen years old.
European Union member Passports or Identity card as specified by the company and as required for the development of the recruiting process

Language skills:
1. Fluent in oral and written English language.
2. Ability to speak, read and write in Italian, German and Danish is a major benefit.
3. Ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.) is considered a major advantage that could eventually influence the selection for some positions.
Team Attributes: Ability to work and (where necessary) supervise in a harmonious productive team environment.
Preferred Applicant: Without visible tattoos or piercing.
Experience: Preferably sport club background in amateur level

1. Demonstrated ability to entertain, communicate and socialise with persons of all nationalities and all ages and backgrounds.
2. Wide knowledge of the major indoor & outdoor sports as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis.
3. Above average skills in tactful, diplomatic crisis and problem handling.
4. Ability to work in a harmonious productive team environment

General Responsibilities. This position requires you to achieve the following responsibilities:
1. Support the Team Leader in all entertainment activities and games. These activities may include:
- Games by or in swimming pools; Tournaments and sports activities; Fitness activities; Cultural activities, Mimes, plays, act, dance and other performances as directed by the Team Leader or Choreographer; Table games and close-up activities; Quizzes, talent shows, and other guest-involvement activities; Workshops, dance classes, arts and crafts, language lessons, etc.
2. Prepare all material required for scheduled activities, and return all said material to specified storage areas after any such performance or activity.
3. Be on station at the point of performance at least 15 minutes before.
4. Advertise by socializing and circulating with guest all opportunities for guest involvement in these activities, with a main focus on Sports, taking great care at all times to ensure no guests are embarrassed by or forced into taking part in activities if they resent any such involvement.
5. Socialize with guest at all times, giving special attention to guests of minority languages where involvement may be difficult.
6. Dance with guests.
7. Listen to requests and comments of guests, taking positive action to remedy any problems by reporting any problems advised by guests to the Team Leader.
8. Stimulate and help to create a social atmosphere amongst the guests.
9. Participate in all meetings of the entertainment team as required by the Team Leader.

Dutch tax number (BSN number) and safety at work course Dutch working contract regulated by E.U.
Academy period of 5 days in the region of Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Accommodation, entertainment workshops, certification are free of charge. Meals fee ? 16 per day per person. Academy period held in the end of April 2016. Travel on own expenses
Work Location: ITALY (Venice, Tuscany, Sardinia, Trentino, Liguria, Garda Lake, Iseo Lake, Lombardia)
Start dates working period between May and begin July 2016. Minimal working period 2 consecutive months in high season (July-August)

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